Enabling mobile operators and retail distributors to drive new revenues.

MoreMagic’s International TopUp solution allows mobile operators and retail distributers to drive new revenues by offering their customers a new, targeted way to send money to friends and family back home.

MoreMagic’s International TopUp service is the most successful use-case enabled via MagicHub™, our global value exchange. International TopUp serves the needs of many major customer groups:

  • Mobile operators can extend their distribution and the footprint of their brands into attractive, new, high-ARPU markets with minimal up-front investment
  • Prepaid customers in recipient markets can receive a gift of airtime credit from friends and family living overseas
  • Travelers can purchase airtime credit at overseas merchant locations, via the Web or via their handsets
  • Foreign-born residents of send markets enjoy a convenient and targeted way to send a gift of airtime credit to loved ones back home
  • Retailers of many products and services, including money transfers, check cashing services, bill payment services and telecommunications services can offer a convenient and attractive new service to their customers to increase foot traffic, improve customer loyalty and enjoy additional revenues with minimal investment
  • Mobile operators in send markets can offer their prepaid and postpaid customers a convenient and attractive new service they can use from their handsets

With MoreMagic’s International TopUp, customers in a sending country can send prepaid mobile top-ups to the subscribers of over 120 mobile operators in more than 60 countries. MoreMagic’s International TopUp portal ( www.eTopUpOnline.com ) is available for users worldwide and accepts payment via credit/debit card or PayPal™. More convenient payment options, including direct debit of participating bank accounts, are being added. 

With eTopUpOnline, customers can complete a simple and flexible registration process, create lists of favorite numbers to top-up, set up recurring top-ups, top-up large or small groups of recipients at once and register a handset, so that future top-ups can be sent directly from that handset via SMS, USSD, WAP or the eTopUpOnline smartphone app, which is now available on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and other popular smartphone platforms.

In addition, with over 50 major distributors including Western Union®, UAE Exchange Centers, epay Worldwide and Now Prepay™, MoreMagic’s International TopUp can be purchased at over 250,000 merchant locations worldwide and will soon be available to the subscribers of several major mobile operators in sending countries including the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and many others.

Mobile operators in recipient countries can integrate their IN/prepaid platform with the  MagicHub™ global value exchange via a simple, streamlined integration process, which consists of just a few logical steps: finalizing secure connectivity, specifying the interfaces, documenting the business rules and financial processes, configuring the interfaces and testing the functionality end-to-end before going live. MagicHub™ is pre-integrated with Alcatel-Lucent’s prepaid platform and has been successfully integrated with most other popular IN/prepaid platforms. 

MagicHub™ supports most popular communication protocols including XML-RPC for POS, cash registers, kiosks, PC applications and other 3rd party device applications, SMPP where the SMS channel is used, HTTP/XML where the Web channel is used, and USSD where a USSD gateway is the interface with the mobile operator’s IN/prepaid platform.

Merchants can integrate their point of sale (POS) systems with MagicHub™ with MoreMagic’s XML-RPC merchant API. MoreMagic’s International TopUp portal for merchants (https://irr.moremagic.com) provides a Web-based Distributor Administration Interface (DAI) that merchants can use to set up their distribution hierarchies, track and manage top-up transactions, query available credit and perform other administrative tasks.

Key features of MoreMagic’s International TopUp service include real-time top-ups of fixed or variable denomination, immediate notification and acknowledgment of top-up to the recipient with an option to notify sender, national language support, flexible personal information profile, instant balance checking, fully audited online transaction history, ability to send balance alerts via email or SMS, flexible formatting of transaction receipts and extensive transaction tracking reporting via our Web-based DAI.

Key differentiators of MoreMagic’s International TopUp service include our extensive mobile operator network, our white-label strategy, which will help customers enjoy a seamless experience via a Website and handset applications that display the branding and messages of the mobile operator or distributor, without the risk of channel conflict, the industry’s most reasonable reseller discount rates, three proven, productive channels: Web, Retail and P2P, the most extensive distribution network of all international top-up providers, a dedicated marketing team to help develop and execute long-range marketing strategies that will help extend your brand's reach into new markets, a dedicated 24x7x365 multi-lingual customer support via email and toll free telephone, the industry's most robust, scalable and functional top-up platform with best-in-class security and redundancy, a 99.999% up-time record since the inception of the service, flexible yet powerful KYC, AML, CDD, fraud control and billing/settlement processes.